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3D Modeling and Animation by Victor Hernandez

The original plan for the admaker project was simply to model and animate a sailboat in water in Alias|Wavefront Maya. At some point I added a silly placeholder to the front of the sail of the boat--just to show it had a different texture than the back--with legend "Your Ad Here." From this point forward the whole idea of the animation revolved around the sail's texture image being full of "you ad here" signs and, well, it still is a silly idea. But it worked. I think...

Some post-production work was added using Adobe Premiere to create the "space" composition. You'll see it when you play the movie.

NOTE: You will need the latest version of the Quicktime player and the On2 VP3 codec in order to play the movie. You can download the Quicktime player HERE. The codec should download and install automatically if you play the movie while connected to the web.

Click on the icon to play the movie.

The movie is 3.9 megabytes and it should take about 12 minutes to fully download in a 56K modem.

The following images were taken from what would've been the original version of the movie.

Copyright © 2002 Victor Hernandez