<xmp> <!-- <BODY> --> </xmp> Jesus! Los dibujos de CHUCHEIS!

Or a small mockery against the intolerance of the
reactionary right so in fashion nowadays.

In a homage to Manuel Ahumada who had one of his

drawings destroyed by two religious fanatics
because they thought it to be "offensive" to their beliefs.
A sincere FUCK YOU to them and to all
of those who think like them.

Drawings (and everything else) by Victor Hernández
Pase asté.

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Jessie Shitting
The Last Check
Odorono DOESN'T Respond!
Nailig it
Jessie Shitting (again)
Pencil, charkole, china marker and marker on paper.
All drawings Copyright © 1993 Victor Hernandez. All rights reserved.