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Explanation I


The movie is basically a parody of the Star Wars intro scroll modified to read whatever I wanted. It is in Spanish and it makes fun of an ongoing flame-war I sustained with some people in a Mexican bulletin board (obviously in Spanish) over wether or not people posting at bulletin boards should be polite and proper when in reality nobody was dealing with real people, but with literature on a computer screen.

One group of people believed we should not make fun of others or use bathroom humor and foul language if it bothered anyone in the board (also known as "foro" which is the Spanish word for "forum.") I named this group as "Las Guajolotas" (the turkeys.)

The other side of the debate, which includes myself, believes that as long as you do not disrupt the reading of the bulletin board, that is, as long as you are not posting one megabyte images or lines upon lines of garbage just to vex people, then you're free to say and do as you please (with the implied condition that you're not going to be a bigot or a spycho or anything like that.)

The core of the argument from my perspective is: considering the internet really is just a virtual world and not real life then what is the problem if somebody wants to post a picture of, say, excrement? My point is the web is just about the ONLY medium known to man where TRUE free speech can exist because of its virtuality and its nature itself as an independent entity. People should know it's not real and learn not to be bothered by something that doesn't exist in real life, but inside some computer somewhere.

The debate turned into a flame-war and soon into a full scale attack between the opposing sides which ended up in a daily exchange of expletives and other such derogatory verbal expressions. So I thought: "hey, why not make a Star Wars type movie about this?"

This is what the Spanish text says (more or less) :

A long time ago (slang)
In a neighborhood reeeeally far...


Episode (of the) II


It is a time of war in the forum. Troops of mere flatulent turkeys have attempted against the topics' punch with their boring petty moaning.

(NOTE: Actually the word I used was "cursilerias" which defies translation, so I made an aproximation.)

Using her evil powers, Chingolina Vader has started the construction of the space station THE DEATH BOREDOM.

(NOTE: here I translated "mamevolos" as "evil" but in reality "mamevolos" is not a word, but an altered version of the word "malevolos" to make it sound like "mamon" which is an expletive. Also the word "hueva" means boredom, but it's slang.)

Aware of the difficult situation, Jedi knight Victor-Wan Hernandez has traveled in his ship, the millennium willy, to rid the forum of the menace...

(NOTE: "willy" is a reference to a character by mexican cartoonist Trino. This character--years before South Park's Mr. Hankey--was a turd called "willy.")

So, in short, the idea of the movie was to make fun of the solemn attitude adopted by those who wanted to censor the bulletin board under the cover of "politeness." I firmly believe in freedom of expression and I felt making fun of this situation wuld would make my point clear--and if not it would at least entertain the viewers.

Victor Hernandez

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